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OMG Participates in P2DEurope, Joins Forces with Charging Service Companies to Empower Brands Internationally

Date:2023/6/16 7:03:25

On June 14, 2023, Power2Drive Europe - International Exhibition on Charging Infrastructure and Electric Vehicles was held as scheduled at the New International Expo Center in Munich, Germany. As a provider of new energy charging application technology in China, OMG' actively participated in this exhibition.


OMG's booth

A variety of EV charging cables and EV high voltage cables can be found at the OMG's booth.

On-site visitors are consulting OMG products

In particular, the high-power liquid-cooled charging cable attracted many visitors to consult. The liquid-cooled charging cable shown is based on OMG's many years of experience in research and development of charging cables and the market demand for high-power charging. By circulating the flow of coolant in the internal pipes of the cable, the cable maintains a lower temperature during operation, avoiding thermal damage to equipment due to the high-density heat generated by high-current charging. It can be applied to the demand for fast charging in public charging stations.

Exchange of industry professionals

According to the International Energy Agency's Global Electric Vehicle Outlook 2023, the world has seen exponential growth in new energy vehicles in recent years. Global electric vehicle sales exceeded 10 million units last year and are also expected to maintain rapid growth in 2023, with sales reaching 14 million units by the end of 2023. Globally, the ownership and market penetration of new energy vehicles are increasing. The existing charging pile market abroad has an unbalanced vehicle-pile ratio, with most countries and regions in Europe and the US serving a dozen or so vehicles with one public pile. The number of charging piles is not enough to ensure an efficient charging experience for vehicle owners, which also affects the actual revenue of operators. Overseas charging service markets have also increased the penetration of charging infrastructure and the deployment of charging networks thanks to the efforts of companies and governments. This provides development opportunities for Chinese EV charging solution providers to penetrate the international market.

In terms of brand internationalization, OMG's charging cables have passed the standards of three major global markets, including EN50620/IEC62893 in Europe, UL62 in the U.S., GB/T 33594 in China, and JCS 4522 and PSE in Japan. omg's products are available for the global market and can meet production and charging needs. In addition, OMG' can provide custom design services for customers' different application needs.Customized design services are also available for different application requirements of customers. Meanwhile, OMG' has set up offices in the United States, Brazil, Germany and other regions, which helps to further penetrate the international market and respond to overseas customers' needs more quickly.

The exhibition mainly showcased the cutting-edge development of new energy vehicle industry and vehicle charging system. With the end of this exhibition, OMG' will continue to uphold a professional and serious service attitude to provide users with safe and high-quality electric vehicle charging application technology.