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OMG awards employees who have worked for ten years

Date:2018/5/17 17:02:40

Employees who have served for ten years: Wei Ling, Feng Xianzhou

OMG awards employees who have worked for ten yearsOMG awards employees who have worked for ten yearsOMG awards employees who have worked for ten years

Ten-year service star gave a speech

Wei Ling

Time is flying, time is like a shuttle. On March 12, 2008, he officially became a member of Dongguan Haotong Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. (predecessor of OMG). For ten years, it has been neither long nor short. In the past ten years, watching the company develop from a "broken little factory" to a high-rise building has witnessed the growth of the company, and the company has also witnessed my growth. I am a member of the finance department. The company trained me from scratch, from small to earth, and accompanied the company's stock reform, and entered the new three board market. I also went from being a beautiful young girl to being a "young woman". In the past ten years, my life has mainly depended on the company. I established my own small family in Guangdong. All of this is inseparable from the support of family members, Liu Zhong and Sister Wang and the help of colleagues. Thank you for your training of company leaders and colleagues. Now, I will combine the government's policies to bring more benefits to the company and make me more valuable. At the same time, I hope that OMG can develop better and better and gain more support in the future capital market.

Feng Xianzhou

Holding the heavy trophy, I am very happy and excited, May 10, 2008. Become a member of OMG. This decade is not easy to walk through, but in a blink of an eye, I went from a 17-year-old boy to a 30-year-old. In the past ten years, I have also set up a family. I chose to stay here for ten years. I have already regarded OMG as my home. I go to work happily every day, go home from work happily every day, and do my job well every day... Here I would like to thank Liu Dong, the company leader, and Mr. Wang for trusting me in my work, and my manager Liu in the workshop, and all the partners for their support. In the future, I will continue to work hard to do my job well.

OMG awards employees who have worked for ten years

I hope that we can go hand in hand for another ten or twenty years, going further and further together, and look forward to more people joining the ten-year service star.

——Chairman of OMG Liu Zhong