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Learn about Japan PSE certified charging cables

Date:2024/4/26 1:47:15

Japan's PSE certification (Product Safety of Electrical Appliance & Materials) is a mandatory market access system for electrical appliances in Japan and an important element stipulated in Japan's Electrical Appliance Safety Law. It aims to ensure the safety performance of electrical appliances and to protect the rights and safety of consumers.


Rechargeable cables are electrical appliances that must be certified by PSE if they are to be sold on the Japanese market. According to Japan's Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, charging cables are categorized as “Specified Electrical Appliances” and are required to obtain the diamond-shaped PSE mark before they can be manufactured or imported.The PSE certification standard specifies the electrical safety performance of charging cables in detail, including the requirements for voltage withstand and insulation to ensure that they can effectively isolate the power supply in the event of electrical faults or other abnormal conditions, reducing the probability of safety accidents. abnormal conditions can effectively isolate the power supply and reduce the probability of safety accidents.


In addition, the PSE certification standard focuses on product reliability and durability. The standard requires that charging cables can maintain good safety performance and are not prone to failure or damage during their normal service life. For the certification of charging cables, the PSE standard requires that the insulation of the cable be resistant to abrasion and high temperature to ensure that users are not exposed to safety threats during use. Japan PSE certified charging cables are usually made of high-quality materials, such as high-strength insulating outer layer, stretch-resistant cores, and stable connectors, to ensure that the power transmitted during charging is stable, while avoiding safety hazards such as leakage and overheating. The PSE certification standard also focuses on the environmental performance of the products. The standard requires charging cables to use environmentally friendly materials in the production process, free of hazardous substances, and can effectively save energy, reflecting the importance of sustainable development and environmental protection.


Overall, the Japan PSE certified charging cable is a product that complies with Japan's mandatory safety standards and features high quality, safety, reliability and environmental friendliness, making it a reliable choice for users when purchasing charging equipment.With more than 27 years of development in the field of electric vehicle charging cables, OMG’ is committed to creating efficient and safe technical solutions for new energy charging applications, and can provide different cable product suggestions according to the actual needs of users.


Japan PSE certified HVCT type electric vehicle charging cable