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"Small wire diameter, high current"|OMG'European standard oil-cooled charging cables

Date:2024/1/11 5:35:06

With the rapid development and popularization of electric vehicles, oil-cooled charging cables have attracted much attention as an innovative charging technology. It not only has good safety performance, but also provides efficient charging experience.

First of all, oil-cooled charging cable has multiple guarantees in terms of safety. It adopts liquid-cooling technology, which effectively reduces the temperature during the charging process by introducing a cooling medium inside the cable to dissipate heat. This design prevents the charging cable from overheating due to prolonged high-power charging and reduces potential safety hazards. In addition, the oil-cooled charging cable also adopts high-strength insulating materials and fireproof materials to improve the cable's high temperature resistance and fireproof performance, further enhancing the safety of the charging process.

Secondly, the oil-cooled charging cable excels in charging efficiency and charging speed. Thanks to the oil-cooling technology, the cooling oil inside the cable can effectively absorb and emit heat, improving heat dissipation during charging. This enables the charging cable to maintain a lower temperature during high power charging, reducing energy loss and improving charging efficiency. At the same time, the oil-cooled charging cable also has a high transmission capacity, which can support higher-power charging, realize fast charging, shorten charging time, and enhance the user's charging experience.

In addition to safety and efficiency, the oil-cooled charging cable also has some other advantages. First, it is more flexible and wear-resistant, and can adapt to the needs of different charging scenarios, providing a more flexible and convenient charging method. Secondly, the design and manufacture of oil-cooled charging cables are in line with international standards and norms, and undergo rigorous testing and certification, providing reliable quality and performance assurance. Finally, oil-cooled charging cables also have a long service life and can withstand long periods of high-power charging, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

OMG's IEC 62893 oil-cooled charging cables meet the requirements of IEC 61851-1 mode 4, and are carefully designed and technologically optimized, with a small and light wire diameter and a good feel; DC+ and DC-conductors are immersed in the cooling medium, which circulates to form a cooling circuit to efficiently carry away the heat, realizing the concept of "small wire diameter, high current". The DC+ and DC- conductors are immersed in the cooling medium to form a cooling loop through the medium circulation, thus efficiently removing heat and realizing "small wire diameter, high current", which meets the market's requirement of safe and fast charging. Through several performance tests, the product is guaranteed to be wear-resistant, pull-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, crack-resistant, UV-resistant, and color-stable, etc. The materials used are all in line with RoHS 2.0 & REACH environmental protection standards, and are suitable for centralized charging stations, large parking lots, and other high-power charging scenarios. In terms of quality, OMG' always sticks to its heart; at the same time, it also provides customers with high-quality, safe and efficient technical solutions for new energy charging applications with more reasonable price options.

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