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How water-cooled charging cables deliver a "fast and safe" charging experience

Date:2023/12/13 1:21:24

Water-cooled charging cables, as an innovative charging technology, bring many advantages to the charging experience of electric vehicles. With liquid cooling technology, liquid cooling tubes are installed inside the cable, utilizing a cooling medium such as methyl silicone oil, water or a mixture of water and glycol to circulate inside the tubes, thus quickly removing heat and realizing highly efficient cooling, which intuitively improves charging efficiency and charging safety.

1. High-power charging: Water-cooled charging cables can support higher-power charging and achieve faster charging speeds. Through the cooling effect of the water cooling system, the temperature of the cable can be effectively reduced and the transmission capacity of the cable can be improved, thus realizing high power charging.

2. Thermal management: Water-cooled charging cables can effectively manage the heat generated during the charging process. During high power charging, the cable generates a large amount of heat, which may lead to overheating or even damage if not dissipated in time. The water cooling system absorbs and carries away the heat from the cable by circulating water, keeping the cable at a suitable working temperature and ensuring the safety and reliability of the charging process.

3. Space saving: Water-cooled charging cables are more compact and take up less space than traditional air-cooled charging cables. This is very important for the design and layout of electric vehicle charging piles, especially in places with limited space, such as parking lots and charging stations.

4. High reliability: Water-cooled charging cable adopts high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing process, which has high durability and reliability. It can withstand high-voltage and high-temperature environments, and at the same time has good waterproof performance and anti-interference ability to ensure the stability and safety of the charging process.

OMG' water-cooled charging cables for electric vehicles have been certified by CQC and TUV, and are available in 4 configurations: isolated, copper-coated water, direct-cooled core, and direct-cooled conductor. The number of liquid-cooled tubes is 1, 2 or more, with good sealing, which can still keep the cable at a suitable and constant temperature during high-power charging, which is safer and more reliable. The current range is from 250A to 800A, and higher power cable solutions can be customized according to customers' needs to overcome the heating of the charging equipment and improve the charging efficiency at the same time. OMG' focuses on the concept of "good product, good price", adopts advanced technology and high-quality materials, and passes specific tests such as manual wire dumping, torsion test, high-temperature current-carrying, and low-temperature tensile test, etc., in order to provide customers with "fast, light, and safe" liquid-cooled charging cables. 

High-power liquid-cooled EV charging cable